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Our Commitment

Dream. Design. Build. Transform.


You have a vision of how you want your workspace to be. How it flows – the effect in and on your business. We dare you to dream big.


Providing the expertise to take your dream, plan it out and see your vision come to life. We are experts in our craft, successfully guiding the process of building and making the dream a reality.


Making it happen so the goals for your business and the environment for your employees can work in tandem to move your business forward and exceed tangible expectations.


The workspace – the hub – the nucleus of your business. People that work in an environment that brings out their best brings out the best in your business. Transformation is inevitable.

A Bit of History

Our experience spans over two decades and three generations. In 1991, we started as Renotech Interiors (RI) with 20 years in commercial fit-out experience. Expanding with each new project and location into markets in New York City, the Tri-State area, Long Island, Rockland County, the Hudson Valley and New Jersey.

We continue to bring innovative talent and vision to each new workspace design as times and trends change. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and successful results are the foundation of our longevity and the success for our clients.

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