Is your team satisfied with
their workspace?

Will your workspace continue to attract, retain, and motivate top talent?

What is your workspace saying about your company?

How is your workspace affecting your company culture?

Serving The Greater New York City Area With Corporate Workspace Design

With RI Group, you receive a team of corporate workspace interior designers, architects, engineers and project managers. We take your team’s workspace dream and make it a reality. Located within 25 minutes of New York City, we serve all of Manhattan, Long Island, Northern New Jersey, Rockland County, Westchester County, the Hudson Valley, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and the entire Tri-State area. Our services include office space planning, commercial interior design, construction project execution, material finishes, office furniture, employee workflow, and corporate culture development.

Through strategy and design, we create inspiring workspaces that attract, engage and motivate top talent.

Dream. Design. Build. Transform.


What is your workspace dream?

Sitting at a table with your team, we listen to your company’s dream and plan how to make it a reality. We share ideas and latest trends in the industry for inspiration and discussion. By listening to your company story and goals, we can ensure that the end result will be a workspace better aligned to your company culture and a magnet for top talent.


What is our design method?

By gathering insights into your company from our first meeting, we are able to provide design options and a mood board. We encourage you and your employees to get involved at this stage to ensure that the entire team will be happy with the outcome, and to confirm that the design reflects your culture, brand, and story accurately.


What is the build phase?

After reviewing design options and 3D renderings with you, we then begin the build phase of the project. In this phase we make your workspace dream a reality, so that the goals of your business and the environment for your employees can work in tandem to move your business forward.


How do we transform your business?

With your dream and our design expertise, we successfully transform your workspace into a better environment for your team. People that work in an environment that brings out their best, brings out the best in your business. Transformation is therefore inevitable.

A Bit of History

Our experience spans over two decades and three generations. In 1991, we started as Renotech Interiors (RI) with 20 years in commercial fit-out experience. With each new project, we expanded our market into NYC, New Jersey, Long Island, Rockland County, the Hudson Valley and the entire Tri-State area.

Take the tour and find inspiration for your new office!

Find out how your office can work better for you!

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