This trend of “Activity Based Design” is the combination of two other factors– the need for increased privacy and designing to promote collaboration. Together these can’t work in the same space, activity-based design provides separate areas suited for a particular work-style dependent on the task.

The open office aims to increase collaboration but many employees want more privacy to allow them to focus. We’ve seen the introduction of pods in the last year to provide privacy. These are often small, brightly coloured cubicles for short periods of escape. These need to be strategically placed to remove background noise and reduce the risk of interruption.

On the other hand, activity-based workplaces can provide quiet zones. These areas show that people want to concentrate and don’t want interruptions while reducing any background noise. Some workplaces have introduced silent areas as part of an activity-based working set-up, this is a trend we expect to see more of in the future.

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