Forward-thinking companies such as Google and Instagram have taken their tech innovations, brought them into the office spaces that produce them and beyond.  They, like many businesses thrive on new ideas and the best way to nurture the next, fresh concept is to create an environment that breeds such thought bombs!  Great leaders wouldn’t exist if risks didn’t pay off and from those successes followers emerge; proven trends are born and eventually become industry standards. 

The culture of happy workers make better, more productive ones is a fairly new concept to hit the main stream but it is here and companies that want to see growth in moral, loyalty, and productivity should take heed.  Realizing your employees, especially those able to invest from within are your best customers.  Empowering them with incentives only solidifies their pro-activity.  Allowing unhindered access to technology and social integration boosts communication and streamlines workflow throughout the office, yes, even in the restroom. 

Adding flexibility in work hours and even opting for employees to work from home or on the go is a great way to say, “We respect your work/life balance,” this among many other perks will help retain top talent more than a higher salary.

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