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What was your previous experience like?

  • What was your experience like when you last leased a space?
  • How long did the process take?
  • Do you feel like the best space was selected?
  • What is it like to deal with your landlord?
  • What was it like to deal with your broker?
  • Was the design process a pleasant and/or fun experience?
  • Do you feel like you got the best ROI that was possible?
  • How would you rate the appearance and efficiency of your office?
  • Is your current office space designed to accommodate current and future ways of working?
  • How is the overall appearance of your building?
  • Does the main lobby, elevator and corridors express your values?
  • What was your experience with your Architect like?
  • What was your experience with your General Contractor like?
  • How many hidden expenses were there?
  • What would you do differently the next time?

According to The Corporate Office Properties Trust, it is wise to begin considering your lease 6-24 months before the expiration date depending on the size space you occupy. Companies with more than 25,000 SF should begin the process 18-24 months before the lease expires. Those with 10,000-25,000 SF should begin the process 12 months prior, and companies with less than 10,000 SF, are recommended to consider next steps 6-12 months prior. (Currently companies in Manhattan greater than 25,000 SF should allow 18-24 months.)

We can help advise you BEFORE you look for space.

You may do yourself a disservice by going the traditional route.

Typically, architects follow standard practices and design a floor-plan strictly to fit a space in a building. What makes RI Group different? RI Group challenges the status quo by taking a look at the bigger picture and custom designing a space to the needs of the client. Our team of Office Space Advisors combines their expertise of architecture and design with a passion for corporate culture and talent retention. Our goal is to create a customized workspace that not only satisfies your space requirements but also builds a platform for your business growth and prosperity to provide both present and future benefits.

RI Group’s 5-Step Advisory Process

Step 1. Decide what you want to achieve.

Your lease is expiring or your company is experiencing rapid growth, and your current workspace just won’t do. But do you stay and renovate your existing workspace or do you relocate to a new space altogether? The best way to begin is by writing down what you want to achieve. As a lease-end approaches, there are tremendous opportunities to look inside your business and determine whether your current workspace is fit for its purpose, can answer to growth needs or if it is flexible to different means of working. It’s a time when you can consider exciting changes such as work methods, brand identity, culture, location and more. All of these factors can have a huge impact on staff retention, communication, productivity and innovation, so why settle for old-style methods?

Step 2. Share your vision, goals and dream with RI Group.

RI Group’s team of Office Space Advisors listens to your company’s present and future business plans. We take the time to get to know and understand your business values, your employees and the day to day functions within your space. Before making grand plans, it is critical to get early help from an advisor to prevent mistakes like paying for generic building plans that haven’t been fully thought out or that your team
doesn’t like. Meeting with an advisor creates focus and clarity for your project, saving both time and money.

Some points we discuss with your team include:

  • What are your long-term business goals?
  • Can these be accomplished in your current space?
  • What is working well in your existing space?
  • Where could you use improvement?
  • Does your office space and location correspond with your company’s values?
  • Based on growth projections, should the floor space be increased, decreased or simply modified?
  • Does it make sense to consolidate some functions?
  • Is there another location that will work more efficiently?

Step 3. Survey and gather input from your team.

When change is on the horizon, it is critical that key employees are included and informed. It’s proven that office change without employee engagement spurs negative results and leads to wasted resources, damaged culture and stifled productivity. RI Group engages with key personnel in the preliminary stages and allows them to be part of the process. We have made collecting employee feedback easy and fun through the use of our interactive ‘Rate Your Office’ tool. This simple yet meaningful survey allows us to gain insight on how they feel about the existing office’s location, effect on culture, branding, image, workflow, layout, health, comfort, productivity, noise, lighting and even temperature! Listening to your employees will give a clear picture of the type of environment that will motivate them to do their best work.

Step 4. Decide whether you will stay or go.

Now it’s time to decide whether you should stay or go. Keeping in mind the feedback you received from your employees and the points discussed in our initial meeting, it will be much easier to make the decision. With the responses you gain from your employees, you will know exactly how to shape the office so that it promotes positive behavior and work patterns.

For example, if it was found that employees feel better when the office is quiet, we will help you make sure that there are adequate spaces for private work in your new design. On the other hand, if they feel they do better in a social environment, it will be necessary to have open areas and breakrooms. Additionally, if your future growth plans will necessitate hiring talented millennials and Gen X’s, new types of space utilization will need to be considered. By having this intelligence, we can determine if the changes are feasible in your
existing space or if relocation is necessary.

If a move is decided on, we can help you select a broker and convey to them what type of space you need. Selecting a reputable agent can make the process significantly easier and RI Group can help by introducing a key broker who is trustworthy and knowledgeable or we can work alongside a broker you are already comfortable with. Once a broker is selected, they will help shortlist available properties matching your criteria.

Along with your team and the broker, RI Group’s Office Space Advisors will visit the shortlist of spaces and advise you on which one best suits your company’s present and long-term needs.

If it is decided that you will not relocate, RI Group’s creative team of designers will begin reconfiguring your existing space to allow for the changes your team wishes to make.

Step 5. Begin designing the new space.

With either relocation or renovation of your existing space, RI Group brings your dream workspace to life through the use of our special ‘Office Space Visualizer’ service. We will provide 3D Color Renderings, Walk-Throughs, Fly-Overs, and Feature Areas allowing you to see intricate details and get an accurate feel for what your finished workspace will be. It ensures that you are not left with a ‘plain vanilla box’ but an office that speaks your values!

In Summary

At RI Group, we believe it is important to stop thinking in terms of “projects” and think more about our client’s business, their requirements and their goals. With our value-add support services, we enjoy helping our client’s take their business to the next level! RI Group’s Office Space Advisory Team can help you have a stress-free and fun experience and create a new office that works the best possible for your team!

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