Even with COVID-19, your dream office doesn’t have to become a nightmare. 

RI Group is helping businesses transform their workplaces for maximum health and wellness. 

With the feedback we received from our survey last month, our team has come up with solutions to make your return to work safe, successful and stress-free.

Based on the results from our survey, we are offering the following solutions to our clients:

Other factors you may want to consider include:

  • Less congested, more open & airy-feeling social/cafe area
  • Improved conference room layout and restrictions on amount of people allowed in at a time
  • Partial office occupancy if social distancing cannot be maintained
  • An office wellness center with a hand sanitizer station, sink, PPE dispenser, etc.
  • Ongoing certified electrostatic disinfecting
  • Floor stickers and signage
  • PPE care kits for your staff

How can we make returning to work easier for you?

CLICK HERE to learn more about workspace wellness


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