Cafes & Kitchens

The workplace kitchen or cafe has become a mainstay for most offices.

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Conference Rooms

There’s nothing better than a conference room to meet face to face.

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Glass Walls

Interior glass is one of the hottest trends in workplace design today.

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The hallway is an area that is often overlooked, but it can be the first space that a new client or visitor sees before they step into a conference room or office.

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Inspiration Cafés

RI Group’s Inspiration Cafés are becoming key components in modern workspaces. View

Private Offices

The private office is a distinguished space that inspires great work.

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Reception Areas & Lobbies

Create a reception area, lobby or waiting room that reflects your business.

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Check out our top showroom ideas to inspire your best showroom floor plans.

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Test Kitchens

RI GROUP helps the food industry create the perfect space to develop and test all types of new foods

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Work Stations & Open Office Areas

Workstations and open office areas are designed to support an open office environment.

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