With the current wide-spread health situation, most employees will be required to work from home (or remote) for some time. If you have never worked remote before, you may be anxious about the challenges. Below are some tips to help you be successful and productive while working from home.

1. Designate a fixed ‘work station’

For anybody who will be working remote over the next few weeks, we highly recommend setting up a fixed station where you can work from every day. Choose a space in your house that most resembles your desk at work. Although it may be tempting to work from your bed or living room, having an office-type environment will help you shift into productivity mode and make your remote-working more successful.

2. Comfort is key

Nobody can work effectively if they are uncomfortable. This is why it is critical to have a comfortable chair. Good office chairs are soft and height-adjustable. Chair mats ensure your floor is protected and the chair can roll easily to prevent strain on your back and legs. Height-adjustable desks are also beneficial in offering the option of switching between sit and stand intervals to optimize posture and well-being.

3. Ensure your technology is up to speed

Nothing can be more frustrating than having slow internet when working from home or not being able to connect to an online meeting. Make sure that your internet connection is up to speed especially if you have other family members that may be working from home as well. To be most successful, we recommend that you talk to your IT Director about your regular tasks and be sure that you have the necessary technology to do them from home.

4. Make sure office supplies are nearby and accessible

Like you do at work, keep office supplies nearby. Your home ‘work station’ should be stocked with the same supplies that you have at your office. This will limit distractions and speed up your work, making you more productive.

5. Keep a time sheet and a schedule

One of the biggest challenges of working remote is staying focused. By creating a schedule and keeping a time sheet, you will be much more likely to stay on task. Stick to your lunch breaks like you do when you are in the office.

6. Stay in touch with your coworkers/managers

Send regular emails and host regular meetings with your coworkers and managers so you are all on the same page. This will keep the team spirit alive and prevent you from feeling lonely. Keep communication channels open just the same as if you were all together in one office.


Best of luck working remote and keep well!

Feel free to reach out to our team if you need a desk or chair for your home office. 



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