Tips for Designing an Office Café or Kitchen

The workspace office café and kitchen has become a mainstay for most offices. When planning a kitchen or office café redesign, it is important to consider latest trends. One trend we continue to see on the rise is the integration of work cafés, or what we like to call Inspiration Cafés that no longer serve as simply a place to grab your lunch and a cup of coffee, but rather are functioning more like a coffee shop.

RI Group focuses on combining design and functionality to increase wellness at work, and provide a place for creativity and relationship-building. As workspace trends become more social and collaborative, RI Group’s café and kitchen designs are becoming key components in modern workspaces. Our designers create cafés that allow colleagues to meet and exchange ideas in a relaxed yet constructive environment, while ensuring that the new design will promote employee health, well-being, comfort, culture development, teamwork, idea-sharing and brainstorming.

If we had to provide one piece of advice for you, we would recommend creating a café that allows for both eating and working. Whether it’s a morning coffee break, a lunchtime chat, or an afternoon trip to the water cooler, you can use these moments to bring shots of inspiration to your business. Kitchen and café areas are considered the central hub of many new office designs and are critical components for positive culture development and maximum employee productivity.

Here are a few ideas for designing your office kitchen or café:

  • Choose a variety of furniture – soft-seating, booths, etc.
  • Integrate technology so employees can work efficiently
  • Use flexible furniture that can be moved around and used in different ways 
  • Consider colors that both relax and invigorate your employees


Check out some of our office café and kitchen designs:

Contact us with any questions or to get started on creating a great space for your team!

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