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Our team of highly-focused workspace professionals are passionate about delivering office environments that attract, retain and motivate top talent.

Whether it’s fitting-out a new space to support a total culture change or just refreshing a current space to allow culture to shine through, we enjoy being your workspace advocates.

Meet Our Team

Rob Scott
Chief Executive Officer

Always seeking adventure, Rob immigrated to the United States from England in 1971. He worked as a software consultant and trainer at Royal Globe Insurance and other NY institutions. Discovering his entrepreneurial side, he founded a building maintenance company. He also worked for a NY construction company working his way up to General Manager. Then in 1991, he founded Renotech Interiors (where RI got its initials), designing and fitting out offices and other workspaces. It was here that he would pursue his passion of workspace design and build his business to RI Group.

Ben Scott
Chief Financial Officer

Ben fulfills the role of Chief Financial Officer, overseeing all the financial operations of the business. His keen interest in accurate reporting and forecasting is key to business success. He manages project budgets and works with the operations team to achieve set targets and goals. With a forward-looking approach, he sets out strategic plans for business improvement and growth.

Keith Scott
Lead Design Consultant

As Lead Design Consultant, Keith assists clients in creating a blueprint for their project. Closely considering all elements of architecture, layout, and atmosphere, he collaborates with clients in designing a workspace that will transform business success. His attention to detail and passion for color coordination, aesthetics, and furnishings brings the design to life and helps clients move toward the build stage of their project.  

Delly Yaker
Senior Architect, AIA

Delly brings two decades of experience as a project architect. Taking the lead role in many varied projects for new construction and building modifications is her expertise. She has worked on a variety of workspaces including corporate headquarters, restaurants, medical centers, universities and manufacturing facilities. She gets involved in each phase of a project from initial design and conceptual stages through to completion.

Tim Macdonald
Senior Workspace Strategist

Serving as Senior Workspace Strategist, Tim thrives on working with clients to make their workspace dream a reality. Starting with the initial visit, he listens to client concerns, ideas, and desires and discusses ways of achieving their vision while improving efficiency, work flow, and culture. His awareness of current trends will ensure clients are adequately informed and educated before finalizing the details of their project.

John Macdonald
Director of Construction

John is the key liaison between project teams and management. His extensive knowledge of the construction industry helps RI Group incorporate value engineering into the construction means and methods to give our clients the greatest return on their investment. Whatever may arise during the build process, John has the insight to provide a feasible solution and make sure clients are completely satisfied with the end result.

Mike Walker
Senior Project Manager

With 25 years of experience in the construction industry, Mikes serves as Senior Project Manager. He successfully coordinates general and trade contractors and maintains open communication channels with all key contacts during the course of a project. Having spent the first 10 years of his career as a hands-on carpenter, Mike understands all aspects of the industry and has what it takes to handle the daily demands of project time constraints and budgets. His unparalleled commitment to every project he’s involved in provides clients a top quality, end result.

Willie Cisneros
Site Supervisor

Willie joined RI Group at the very outset of his career over 20 years ago and has remained a loyal team member ever since. Serving as Site Supervisor, he contributes an exceptional skillset in overseeing all on-site activities throughout the project. Willie’s high level of hands-on construction knowledge and willingness for flexibility provides a unique advantage in assisting with daily operations. 

Wendy Macdonald
Purchasing Coordinator

As Purchasing Coordinator, Wendy executes all the necessary purchasing functions for projects from material acquisitions to logistics. She is well acquainted with the critical timelines and demanding nature of the construction industry and has what it takes to effectively communicate with key contacts in the supply chain. Her customer-focused approach ensures projects are delivered in an efficient and timely manner.

Steve Trott
VP Business Development

Steve loves being around people and establishing relationships with many key contacts throughout the industry. With 20 years’ experience in the construction trade and servicing Fortune 500 clientele, he holds a tremendous knowledge of personnel, methodologies, and skills to benefit any company undertaking a workspace project. He is passionate about connecting with potential clients to listen to their needs and create a lasting relationship.

Kelly Claydon
VP Business Development

Kelly has inspirational and positive energy which she uses along with her clients and industry partners in taking a consultative approach to understand the vision and goals of clients and make sure they are met. She spends her days building and maintaining long-lasting relationships and works hard to fulfill the client’s needs and expectations. She has a strong grasp of workspace design and the symbiotic relationship it has on a company’s success. Her professional and passionate character continues to generate exciting new business opportunities for RI Group. 

Florence Mornan
Director of Marketing

Florence is a highly seasoned marketing executive, with over 25 years of experience working both in the marketing and business development fields on a regional, national and global level. As Marketing Director, she develops and implements marketing strategy to strengthen RI Group’s marketing presence by studying economic indicators, identifying the needs of potential clients, and conducting general market research to keep abreast of trends. Her high communication skills and attention to detail enable her to initiate creativity and enthusiasm in others while building awareness for RI Group’s target market.

Esther Beere
Office Manager

As Office Manager, Esther fulfills administrative functions with integrity and efficiency. This includes developing and maintaining records such as reports, calendars, digital and paper files and timekeeping systems. In addition to taking the lead in entering financial transactions into the bookkeeping systems, Esther develops and maintains a welcoming office environment. On the client side, she handles their accounts, manages billing information and reports any client inquiries and needs. She also offers specialized knowledge of company services and products to interested clients.

Angie Macdonald
Marketing Assistant

As Marketing Assistant, Angie supports the work of the marketing, sales and operations teams on projects directed towards maximizing company profits. Along with carrying out market research and business development, Angie designs brochures and similar documents, organizes and prepares for presentations and client visits and is responsible for compiling and distributing reports.

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