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Through strategy and design, we create inspiring workspaces that attract, retain and motivate top talent.
Take a look at how we created an office to showcase the work that we do.

At the start of 2020, we relocated to our new showroom in Saddle Brook, New Jersey. Having outgrown our previous space in Tappan, New York, our team saw this as an opportunity to create a unique and inspiring space that would encapsulate what is possible through our Dream. Design. Build. Transform. philosophy and bring this concept to life for our clients.

When we obtained the space, it was outdated and ‘run-of-the-mill’ without a whole lot of character. As a team, we pulled together each other’s ideas and consolidated them into a blueprint for our new office space. We formulated a design that combined various themes and aesthetics and served all needs of the workplace by blending in several different environments to model the modern workspace. As this would serve as our showroom, it was important that we made it a place where clients could come and visualize different aspects of design including lighting, finishes, and furniture and provide them with ideas for their own space!

We have highlighted a few of the features we chose for our own workspace below as an example of why we design the way we do.

Take a tour of our showroom below.

Feature: Glass Office Front

A glass entry was chosen to achieve a modern and architectural look and to showcase a portion of the interior. Located on the mezzanine at the front of the Park 80 West building, a glass entry also allowed natural light to flow in from the outdoors. The glass wall panels provided a canvas for branding the entrance with our logo and tagline for immediate recognition. For distraction markers, a frosted film depicting colleagues in the workplace was chosen to portray a welcoming and interactive work vibe.

Feature: Open Ceiling, Wood Beams & Plant Wall

The open ceiling concept is a popular choice in many modern workspaces and we wanted to achieve that feeling of spaciousness. This also allowed us to create a positive mood with various eye-catching light fixtures and feature areas including a section of wood beams. These were hung over the café and blended in a natural wood look to convey warmth. Bringing the outdoors inside to promote a feeling of wellness is another common element in today’s designs, and this was the purpose of our blackened steel plant wall. The plush blue chairs were selected to add a further splash of color to match the RI Group brand and to provide a warm welcome.

Feature: Sample Library

Centrally located in our space, a sample library was created where clients could come brainstorm, visualize and get a feel for different design aspects to incorporate into their own space. The library houses an extensive range of samples and literature from many different manufacturers. With countless options, there is surely something for everyone to make their dream workspace into a reality.  

Feature: ‘Live Edge’ Countertop & Brick Wall

The brick accent wall was included to create a rustic look and to give character with its various shades of red and brown. To create a mood for the café and bar area, the brick wall was closely tied in with the custom ‘live edge’ top. This was a hand-picked piece specially chosen to bring a unique element of nature indoors. The wood’s natural distress marks and rich hues contribute to the warm rustic feel of the café.

Feature: Conference Room & Wall Mural

The conference room was designed as an area where we could engage as a team or with clients to discuss and collaborate. The large screen was set up as an ideal way to view architectural plans, sketches, 3-D rendering, fly-throughs and virtual reality videos. The neutral colored carpet was selected for comfort and to tie in with the plush gray chairs. Plexiglass wall panels with a photograph of New York City were chosen since our service area covers the New York-metro area and the vivid black and white photograph created a sleek professional backdrop.  

Feature: ‘Bee Hives’

The two bee hives are among the favorites within the office and perhaps where there is the most ‘buzz’. The idea behind these fun collaborative booths was to construct a less formal area for meetings or even just to have a bite of lunch. Two energizing tones of yellow were used to resemble a real bee hive and create a cheerful mood. Built into a rustic wood enclosure, these cozy little hang-outs provide a great spot for getting things done in both a positive and fun environment.

Feature: Zoom Rooms

A few Zoom rooms/private offices were incorporated into the space so employees would have a separate quiet area to go whenever they needed to join online meetings or concentrate on an in-depth task. A homey gray and blue carpet was chosen for these rooms to present warmth and comfort. With increasing dependence on remote working and online meeting platforms like Zoom, these rooms provided a key element for the 2020 workspace and beyond.


Feature: Phone Booth & Dry-Erase Board

Within the space is a sound-proof phone booth where important phone calls can be made in privacy. While the booth is a great spot for peace and quiet, its glass front and back allow you to see out making it feel spacious and open. We chose to add an eye-catching splash of color to the side by installing a vinyl graphic of a London phone booth. The glass dry-erase board was placed out in the open where anyone could jot down an impromptu idea whenever it came to mind or where we could gather around to brainstorm.

Feature: Workstations/’Back-of-house’ Benching & Carpet

Part of the design was a ‘back-of-house’ benching area where office staff could claim a personal desk. The idea was to still have the necessary desk and storage space without compromising aesthetics. To set the tone and to coordinate with our logo colors, we opted for a warm gray/blue carpet and carefully selected a rustic wood feature wall that would complement the area. In addition, several decorative light fixtures were installed to create a cheerful ambiance.

Take the tour and find inspiration for your new office!

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