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Showcase your products in a way that highlights all their best qualities and creates a shopping experience that turns casual shoppers into paying customers.

2019 Showroom Design Trends
1. Sacrificing real estate

“With the growing popularity of Instagram and Pinterest and the exposure to impeccably stylized product shots and interiors, comes the elevated expectation of the same experience in-store. Retailers have begun to willingly give up real estate to the likes of art installations, entertainment lounges, and seating areas – all features that indirectly “sell” in an attempt to connect with consumers on an emotional level.” – Carla Conte

2. Changing the check-out desk

The traditional cash desk is changing in size, shape, and even existence. Many retailers will always need a “home base” for bags and supplies, but when possible, we will see staff interacting directly with consumers armed with hand-held check-out equipment to complete sales transactions on the spot.

3. Showroom concepts keep rolling

Showrooms continue to evolve in many ways, and more and more retailers are using physical space to experiment with technology, location size or customer services. Many store and showroom concepts in 2018 involved downsizing, with IkeaBarnes & Noble and Nike all opening or announcing plans for small-format stores. “For Ikea, the move was motivated by the needs of urban shoppers, while both Barnes & Noble and Nike focused on creating community-driven spaces for customers.”- RetailDive

4. Brands will sell experiences at their stores, not just products

By setting up special shops that only sell experiences, like Nordstrom or Sephora’s new stores that only provide styling, makeovers, and sampling services, retailers can pull customers into delightful, memorable experiences that make much more of an emotional impact than buying a product.

These experiences also make for a compelling story that consumers will always remember and be more than happy to share with one another. – Clifford Chi

We can help!

The best showroom designs from RI Group are centered around the customer’s experience. We aim to take them on a journey, by creating the right flow and display set-up that enhances their hands-on experience with your products.

Check out some photos of our recently completed showroom projects:









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