Tips for Designing Reception Areas & Lobbies

In this high-energy, high-traffic space, it is critical to make an excellent first impression with your reception area and lobby. From the minute a guest, client or potential employee approaches your space, they develop an impression and image of your company. This is why designers often put a lot of focus into the reception area when designing a new space. After all, it’s the first space that any passer-by or visitor see. Consider your lobby or reception area the voice of your company. A well-designed reception area will speak your brand, values and image loudly and accurately. Aside from any aesthetics, make sure that it’s clear where visitors should go. Offer signage and other solutions to help new visitors figure out where they need to go. Make sure that the elevators, bathrooms and other common destinations are clearly marked. This will provide a welcoming feeling to visitors and employees alike, and will add to their impression of your company. 

According to Inc. Magazine, here are some specific design upgrades to consider:

  • Install one or two high-back lounge chairs upholstered in acoustic felt to dampen the chatter and reduce loud phone calls that come from inside the main office area.
  • Provide corner tables that double as a computer table, so guests can use their laptops while waiting.
  • Invest in lounge seating and tables that have integrated power/USB modules that act as a charging station for guests.
  • Ditch the corner television that competes with your overhead music and create two or three individual smaller “quiet viewing areas” with screens and headphones for people to watch company videos or advertisements.
  • Place plants and water features in corners or between seating areas for a calming, healthy centerpiece that also offers semi-privacy.
  • Lighting should feel warm, natural, and adjust throughout the day with smart tech or timers.
  • Have a small coffee table or café area where visitors can help themselves to snacks and drinks.


RI Group can help you design a reception area, lobby or waiting room that tells an accurate, positive and inspiring story about your company.
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