When It Comes To Office Design, The Future Looks Bright

We’ve come a long way from the days of clunky metal desks and uncomfortable chairs (I bet you can still hear the “clunk-click” of the old filing cabinets opening and closing). Just as technology improves at a rapid pace, so does office design. Here’s a few items that are important considerations in the upcoming year:

1. Tech Integration & Clean Lines
Thanks to wireless technology, as untethered as workspaces have become, there are still wires somewhere along the signal path. Anyone who’s wired up their entertainment center at home will attest that the spaghetti bowl of wires is not a pleasant sight, especially when something goes wrong. It’s important that today’s high-tech tools at work are seamlessly and aesthetically integrated into workspace in order to enhance productivity and keep a tidy look in the office.

2. Adaptability & Flexibility
Maximizing the space you have can be a big cost saver as opposed to acquiring more real estate. The ability for your floor plan to be easily adaptable to whatever changes come down the pike is key. In addition, the flexibility to quickly convert a space for different purposes, and having the right adjustable/convertible furniture adds to the space efficiency.

3. Communal Spaces
Wireless technology has freed workers from the shackles of the cubicle, allowing them to be productive from virtually anywhere in the workplace. With the tech boom, the workplace has become a bit less formal, so the trend has shifted towards informal common areas where everyone can share ideas with their favorite tech tools in-hand.

4. Internal “Growth”
With the rise in green offices, it stands to reason that there has been a trend to accessorize the office with more greenery. Plants are nature’s air filters, and they make for a cozy work atmosphere. Instead of a cold, off-putting wall, why not build a living wall, which beautifies the space without sacrificing privacy? Larger windows allow more natural light and sight lines to the great outdoors. Just because we’re indoors, doesn’t mean we have to feel like we are indoor.

5. Healthy Mind, Body, Spirit
Designers use the psychology of color, the right combination of natural, ambient and electric light to create a positive-mood-enhancing work environment. In addition, ergonomic furniture relieves the stresses to the body, promoting wellness. Many offices now set aside spaces for relaxation or even casual meetings that helps promote creativity and productivity.

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