Prepare your space for resumption of work, reassure your employees and maintain an ongoing, germ-free workspace.

As your workspace solutions providers, RI Group is assisting companies in their fight against COVID-19 by offering neccessary wellness solutions such as PPE products, certified disinfecting services, Staff Care Packs and looking ahead to post-Coronavirus office design requirements.    

Our team is here to help you. Inquire today about how we can assist you with our Wellness at Work solutions. 


Stock up on the necessary PPE supplies to keep your workplace safe and healthy.

In response to COVID-19, our team is offering quality PPE products to keep your workplace safe and healthy. Click on the button above to explore the Wellness at Work products and solutions we are offering. 

Reconfigure your workspace and adjust to a new way of working.

As your office solution providers, our team is here to help you adjust your existing work environment to make it more compliant with the current health situation. Looking to socially-distance your desks, convert your workspace to a “touch-free” environment, create Zoom Rooms or add sneeze guards? Give our team a call and we can help make your return to work stress-free. 

Give your team confidence and peace of mind.

Employees may be hesitant to return to the office following this health crisis. Disinfecting your workspace will reassure your team and encourage them to return with confidence and peace of mind. Making necessary adjustments to the layout of your office will also help your team feel more safe. 

Maintain workspace wellness by keeping your office clean, healthy and safe. 

Our Office Wellness Program can ensure that your workspace is kept sterile, healthy and safe. Maintaining a germ-free office will facilitate staff retention and cut down on sick days. 


Protect your employees with Staff Care Packs branded with your name. 

Our wellness team can help your business to protect your staff and cut down on sick days by providing the necessary protection. Contact us for more information on the PPE Supplies that we have available as well as our Staff Care Packs.

Disinfect your space to prepare for resumption of work.

RI Group is offering certified COVID-19 rapid defense disinfecting services to promote workspace wellness and assist businesses in their fight against Coronavirus. According to the CDC, general office cleaning and sanitizing is not good enough. This is why we offer specialized services which utilize modern disinfection methods, highly effective in killing COVID-19 and other germs residing in office spaces and warehouses.

Take the tour and find inspiration for your new office!

Find out how your office can work better for you!

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