Although office design trends change from year to year, employees have come to expect certain features from their workspace. Because the average American worker spends one-third of their life in the office, it is critical that your workspace provides what makes your employees feel most valued and comfortable. Our team feels that the following features will be expected by all employees, both old and young in 2020:

Decent-sized Café with Healthy Snacks & Drinks 

A café and snack bar may be on the top of employees’ wish lists in 2020. Employees value being able to have break and lunch time with their colleagues in an open environment. Many companies are setting up a snack bar where the team can help themselves to healthy snacks and drinks. Take a look at Corporate Essentials, LLC’s café: and other inspirational cafés here: It is important to keep your team fueled and motivated and in order to do that, it’s critical to have a welcoming café where employees can enjoy some relaxation time with colleagues. 

Plants & Greenery

In 2020, it’s predicted that an estimated 91% of employees will expect live plants or some sort of greenery in their workspace. As workers become more concerned about their health and well-being, companies are finding it essential to have live plants or living walls in their office. According to Natura, plants are able to filter air toxins which make a space cleaner and more breathable. Having more breathable air in your workspace, reduces stress and improves focus. Take a look at how Grassi & Co. incorporated plants into their office rooms:

Natural & Adequate Lighting

Our designers feel that lighting can ‘make or break’ a space. In order to function properly, employees need to have adequate lighting to complete their work. It’s important to incorporate glass walls to help with the flow of natural light and to make a space feel less congested. Take a look at how some companies have incorporated glass walls into their design to create a natural flow of light:

Collaboration & Private Areas 

Employees will want to continue choosing how they work in 2020. In order for them to do this, we recommend that your workspace offers a variety of work environments. A blend of collaboration and private areas will ensure that your space caters to all types of workers. Having both collaborative and private spaces within your office is also beneficial for team members who are responsible for different types of work. For example, an HR Manager may need a private space when carrying out interviews but also a collaboration ‘hub’ where he or she can meet with the entire team. Take a look at how Baldor incorporated all types of work environments in their new space:

Take a moment to think about your space. How many of the features above does your workspace have? Do you need to make any changes?

Give us a call if we can help you in 2020!


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